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Learn more about the agri-food sector with Industry Reports, Industry Numbers and Organizations.

Get a bird’s eye view of a specific commodity produced in BC through quick fact sheets supplied in Commodity Profiles or find Trade Information and data on domestic exports for some of BC’s top agricultural exports by accessing the Statistics department of the Ministry of Agriculture. View or add relevant Market Reports to your business or look-up and get in touch with an Organization in the sector from the Organizations section. Don’t see yours? Add it at the touch of a button.

AgriFoodBC is growing to become a destination for industry reports, statistics and organizations in the sector.  Keep checking back as more information is being added weekly. Or contact an AgriFoodBC Service Agent to learn more about generating specific reports catered to your needs with industry data.

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Engage Agro

Guelph , Ontario

Specialists in Minor Use Crops and Markets.
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Bullseye Packaging Services Inc.

Chilliwack , British Columbia

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Tugboat Group

Vancouver , British Columbia

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